Jeep Cherokee (KL): Improved performance by DTE

More power and more torque with a DTE chiptuning for the new Jeep Cherokee

With PowerControl DTE offers a chiptuning box which achieves more power by changing the injection amount. Various sensors and the engine management terminals are connected to each other, including the camshaft and boost pressure sensors. Professionally installed and connected to all sensors, the DTE performance begins to work.

Chiptuning for the JeepChiptuning for the Jeep
Cherokee: Power proven on our dynoCherokee: Power proven on our dyno

Fun to drive: More HP for the Jeep

The starting point: a stock performnace of 200 hp and 440 Nm. An improved performance is a must-have for a mid-size SUV like the Cherokee. Luckily, there is DTE and the diesel tuning

The result: +32 hp and an improved torque of +71 Nm. The premium tuning now available Online-Shop at a price of 699,- EUR.

PowerControl for the CherokeePowerControl for the Cherokee
Better response with DTE PedalBoxBetter response with DTE PedalBox

On top: tuning for a quick response

In addition to the engine power for the Jeep Cherokee there is also a tuning for the accelerator! The DTE PedalBox is connected with a few steps to the sensors of the accelerator and immediately show its effects. With an improved response the Cherokee can forge ahead also in city traffic.

Chiptuning for Jeep Cherokee (KL)

  Performance 232 HP (+32 HP)
  Torque 511 Nm (+71 Nm)


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