Extra power for the Jeep Renegade 2.0 (BU)

For all who want MORE: PowerControl and PedalBox for the perfecte Jeep tuning

With a stock perfomance of 170 hp and 350 Nm torque the Jeep Renegade is well equipped. Drivers who search for more power and more torque contact team DTE.

Chiptuning for the Jeep RenegadeChiptuning for the Jeep Renegade
Renegade with more hpRenegade with more hp

Under the hood: Our Jeep-Chiptuning

The latest DTE chiptuning box PowerControl makes it possible. Connected to the central engine management sensors the extra power is ready to start: +23 hp more power and +87 Nm more tourque are placed under the hood of the Renegade. And with the new security feature Engine Protect+, PowerControl always pays attention to the optimal load of the engine.

Jeep Renegade with PedalBoxJeep Renegade with PedalBox
DTE PowerControl for Jeep RenegadeDTE PowerControl for Jeep Renegade

Moves you: PedalBox for the Regegade

The PedalBox is installed quickly into the Jeep Renegade and easily placed at the center console. With more than 20 different settings the PedalBox can be the adjust perfectly. So the Jeep driver can directly change the characteristics of the accelerator. The quick response is ideal for the Renegade .

Chiptuning for Jeep Renegade 2.0 (BU)

  Performance 193 hp (+23 hp)
  Torque 437 Nm (+87 Nm)

All highlights at a glance

  • More power, more torque for diesel engine
  • Comprehensive warranty already included
  • Easy step-by-step tuning installation