Tuning for motorhomes from DTE Systems: Ready for travel time

DTE chip tuning boxes and accelerator pedal tuning are also available for motorhomes

For many motorhome drivers the travel season starts these days. Reason enough for many motorhome manufacturers such as Hymer, Dethleffs, Carthago to release their latest models. But whether you buy a new or used motorhome, the engine power decides how relaxing your journey will be.

The DTE performance advantage: Tuning for motorhomes

The latest generation of DTE chip tuning boxes stands out with more horsepower and higher torque. Perfect for driving long hill climbs, accelerating powerful on country lanes and overtaking in motorway traffic. Especially in the low and medium rev range, the motorhome tuning is a useful addition.

More power for motorhomesMore power for motorhomes
Less fuel consumption with DTE tuningLess fuel consumption with DTE tuning
State of the art tuning from DTEState of the art tuning from DTE

How does motorhome tuning work?

The DTE tuning specialists use the ECU’s connectors and sensors to improve the performance noticeably and stable over the whole speed range. For this purpose, the chip tuning box PowerControl is installed in the motorhome’s engine compartment and is connected to the sensors. The incoming signals can now be recorded, optimized and passed on to the ECU.

Safe tuning for your motorhome

The longevity of engines and operational safety are first priorities at DTE. With the latest tuning technology for motorhomes, all protection functions of the engine are maintained and the legally prescribed values remain unaffected. By optimizing the torque, you can really enjoy driving your motorhome with ease while maximizing fuel economy.

DTE PowerControl for motorhomesDTE PowerControl for motorhomes
DTE PedalBox for motorhomesDTE PedalBox for motorhomes

Even faster with the DTE accelerator pedal tuning

Another DTE tuning module improves the pedal characteristics and the responsiveness of the motorhome. The accelerator pedal tuning PedalBox by DTE Systems can be controlled at a push of a button - suitable for various driving patterns.

The PedalBox from DTE is connected to the sensors of the accelerator pedal in just a few steps and ready for use immediately after installation. With the accelerator pedal tuning, the throttle response is sharper, turbo lag and flat spots have been eliminated.

Conclusions: Chip tuning box and accelerator pedal tuning are a perfect match: more power and a better acceleration for your motorhome. PowerControl and PedalBox from DTE can be ordered in our tuning shop.


The motorhome tuning from DTE Systems:

  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Quick removal at any time, without leaving a trace
  • 30 days money back guarantee