For passionate Audi driver: A powerful RS5 with DTE tuning and smartphone control

The Audi RS5 is now available with more horsepower and matching smartphone control for tuning from DTE Systems

The PowerControl RX performance upgrade puts more horsepower and higher torque under the elongated hood of the coupe from Neckarsulm. The Audi RS5 (F5) is the most powerful descendant of the sporty mid-range. The RS5 now draws 488 hp and 701 Nm from 2.9 liters of displacement. That's a power increase of 38 hp and 101 Nm over the standard RS5 with tuning from DTE Systems. The turbo V6 with an all-wheel drive brings the extra power confidently to the road. With the tuning, the Audi now easily reaches its top speed.

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PowerControl RX: Tuning for real high performers

The new PowerControl RX module is the most powerful tuning from the DTE family perfect for the Audi RS5. The add-on control unit optimizes real powerhouses with specially tuned multichannel and multiprotocol technology. For this purpose, the Audi tuning is connected precisely in the engine compartment of the RS5 to all central sensors, including boost pressure and camshaft sensor. In real-time, the incoming signals are processed, optimized and dynamically forwarded to the Audi control unit.The PowerControl RX add-on control unit is fiberglass-reinforced and meets all requirements for long-lasting continuous use, even for use in extreme temperature ranges. The full-surface epoxy resin sealing guarantees particularly high wear resistance and the best possible protection against moisture. The PowerControl RX performance upgrade for the Audi RS5 comes with a parts certificate. In addition, there is an extensive 3-year warranty from DTE.

PowerControl App: Audi tuning via smartphone

The new PowerControl App offers RS drivers the possibility to choose their individual Audi chip tuning. Each DTE performance upgrade has three different and fully customizable tuning programs: Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency. Using the smartphone app or the keypad on the tuning system, the Audi driver selects his tuning at the touch of a button. For this purpose, the PowerControl app shows all relevant performance data of the Audi engine live on the smartphone display via the performance instruments. This way, the RS driver is always informed about the current engine performance. An innovative G-meter is also integrated into the overall PowerControl App package. The acceleration sensor records and displays the lateral and longitudinal acceleration of the Audi RS5.

Chip tuning for Audi RS5Chip tuning for Audi RS5
Audi RS5 PedalBox with appAudi RS5 PedalBox with app

Audi accelerator tuning with DTE PedalBox

The new Audi RS5 sprints to 100 km/h in just four seconds as standard. It can only go faster with the right gas pedal tuning for the Audi. The PedalBox from DTE Systems reduces deceleration moments and lets the RS5 coupe take off more confidently. For uncompromising Audi sports drivers, the DTE accelerator pedal tuning offers a choice of three specially tuned tuning modes: City, Sport, Sport-Plus. In addition, the PedalBox can be reset to standard mode at any time.

Chip tuning for Audi RS5

  Performance 600 hp (+80 hp)
  Torque 800 Nm (+163 Nm)
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