Porsche 718: More power with the chip tuning of DTE Systems

Chip tuning and a better response for the current Porsche entry-level model

Porsche’s new entry-level model is now a supercharged four-cylinder sportscar. The Porsche 718 replaces the six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. The engine finds its space between driver and rear axle. This is the place of action for DTE's performance box.

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Porsche 718 tuning: The competition is amazed

The Porsche has a displacement of 2 litres but generates an output of 300 hp and 380 Nm (280 ft lb), which means 25 hp more than its predecessor. DTE Systems is still adding strong 37 hp. The performance tuning box PowerControl is the specialist for turbo engines and achieves an overall performance of 337 HP and 447 Nm (330 ft lb). The new strength of the Porsche 718 becomes clear, when looking at the competitors. Mercedes SLC 350 (306 hp), Audi TTS (310 hp) or Nissan 370 Z (328 hp) are still on a par with the Porsche before chip tuning. With Porsche’s new DTE performance box now all three candidates get the short end of the stick.

Press it down! Accelerator pedal tuning for the Porsche 718

Especially the noise when stepping on the accelerator shows what the Porsche 718 is able to do already in stock mode. DTE’s PedalBox is now the cockpit’s fun booster. The immediate improvement of the acceleration of up to 10% provides a racing car feeling with getting goosebumps. With the PedalBox and its more than 20 different combinations, any 718 driver can choose how fast the Porsche should accelerate. The performance tuning box and the accelerator tuning are connected via plug-and-play using OEM connectors. Both tuning systems work perfectly together to turn the Porsche 718 in a true highway hunter.

PowerControl for Porsche 718PowerControl for Porsche 718
PedalBox for Porsche 718PedalBox for Porsche 718

Chip tuning for Porsche 718

  Performance 300 hp (+37 hp)
  Torque 380 Nm (+67 Nm)
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