Volvo FH 540: Truck tuning from DTE Systems

More power, higher torque and less fuel consumption for the Swedish lorry

The Volvo FH 540 has 540 hp and 2,600 Nm (1,918 ft lb) in stock performance. The six-cylinder is the strongest model from the Swedish FH-series. The powerful and efficient 13-liter engine also fulfills the current Euro 6 standard. The DTE Systems tuning reveals the Volvo’s true performance potential: With 636 hp and 3,036 Nm (2,239 ft lb) the Volvo truck is now able to meet every transport challenge while saving fuel.

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More power for the Volvo FH 540 lorry

The tuning fits perfectly to the engine characteristics: the Volvo FH 540 is powerful and revvy. In every driving situation, the Swedish lorry is able to pull strongly, even at low speeds. This makes long distances driving in speed-saving gears possible. The driver sees the tuning result in the falling needle of the rev counter. With more power, slopes can also be mastered without downshifts. The Volvo truck runs with the tuning without losing speed during gear changes.

Volvo FH 540: Less fuel thanks to the DTE tuning

With a consumption of 33.7 liters of diesel, the 540 is on the same level as Mercedes, Renault & Co. "Depending on the load and the distance, fuel savings of up to 12% are possible with the tuning," explains Detlef Strube, head of development at DTE. "Therefore, the engine tuning leads to a higher transport speed and improves driving comfort."

Chip tuning for Volvo FH 540Chip tuning for Volvo FH 540

Truck tuning engineered by DTE Systems

Heartbeat of the Volvo truck’s tuning box is the software developed by DTE: To maximize the vehicle performance and to improve the handling characteristics, the processors handle incoming sensor signals together with the DTE tuning. All power is carried out in real time. The driver feels an immediate performance increase. The high-tech technology is hidden under the black housing. The distinctive DTE design makes the difference: perfection in every detail. The glass-fiber-reinforced housing is temperature-resistant and also dust and water resistant. All connectors keep their connections even under extreme vibrations. This is quality made in Germany.

Chip tuning for Volvo FH 540

  Performance 540 hp (+96 hp)
   Torque 2600 Nm (+436 Nm)
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