Performance tractor remapping with the chip tuning box by DTE Systems

Gain an overview of the DTE tractor tuning

PowerControl DX is the intelligent and efficient tuning technology for agricultural machines of all performance classes, which quickly pays for itself.

PowerControl DX: Tuning for your tractor

  • Higher area performance, lower fuel consumption ✔
  • Minimizes the effort, maximizes the result ✔
  • Lower fuel consumption ✔
  • More efficiency and profitability for agricultural machinery ✔
  • Perfectly adapted to the farm machine and the work requirements ✔
  • Suitable for all common engines ✔

Precise performance with DX

For safe and secure operation in all environments and set-ups, the development of longevity and reliability were among the key priorities. The injection cycle is optimized through the direct connection and the injectors. The PowerControl DX increases the torque and motor power up to 25%. At the same time, the machines used up to 12% less fuel. With this high-end tuning system, more yield is achieved with less commitment. The continuous engine logging and analysis opens the possibility for custom-tuning for each machine, even taking into account important load profiles.

Tractor tuning: Make the comparison

Our tractor tuning PowerControl DX tested with the Claas Arion 530. Compared to the standard vehicle, the power increases to 163 hp (+33 hp) while the torque rises to 670 Nm (+130 Nm).

The customer consumption measurement confirms the potential: More horsepower and a higher torque have a positive effect on fuel consumption. The average consumption decreases by approx. 4.5l/ha.


For an improved profitability

Despite the powerful performance of modern diesel engines, commercial vehicles have less power. Weak engines with restricted traction become torture for every driver. Using the tuning system PowerControl DX, commercial vehicles increase the performance of the engine and decrease high-revving engines and fuel-consumption while driving with heavy loads.

Benefits of the PowerControl technology

  • Direct connection to the injectors and engine control ✔
  • Optimization of the injection cycles ✔
  • No interference with the engine control unit ✔
  • No overwriting of the original engine control software ✔
  • The Manufacturer's engine protection functions are retained ✔
  • Can be switched off for, e.g. for driving on roads ✔
  • Dismantling back to stock condition, e.g. when you change your vehicle ✔

All-rounder with DXport

In addition to the personal data analysis, a multifunctional expansion slot - DXport - is included. With this DXport module, the system can manage even additional third-party devices. This means that the system is also used for complicated customer solutions.

The system remains up-to-date via the smartphone app. Based on the latest load pattern analysis, fully customized engine optimizations are for the first time ever possible. And: the online connection saves circuitous and time-consuming maintenance appointments.


Please note the legal information

The installation of a chip tuning box is a structural change that, unless entered in the vehicle documents by means of a Component Certificate or individual assessment by audit report, invalidates the Roadworthiness Certificate and (if used on a public highway) leads to the loss of insurance cover. The operation of farm machinery on public roads without adequate insurance violates Art. 6 of the Compulsory Insurance Act and is liable to prosecution. An increase in performance by means of chip tuning or a chip tuning box can lead to warranty claims against the seller and any warranty claims against the manufacturer being invalidated. Please check with us about insurance options. DTE Systems will be pleased to assist with obtaining the necessary documents - just ask us!