Tuning for the big Briton: Jaguar F-Pace 3.0 D

More power and torque from DTE Systems

SUVs continue to boom and 10,000 pre-orders for the F-Pace are already a huge success for the British company. Jaguar’s original story is mainly dominated by sports cars and luxury sedans. But in order to keep up with the competition from Mercedes GLC and BMW X4, it needs more: longer, higher and wider: All provided by the Jaguar F-Pace.

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DTE tuning for Jaguar: More horsepower, more torque

More power and better performance is provided by DTE Systems. This leads to a Jaguar performance of 340 hp (+40 hp) and 763 Nm (+63 Nm). The F-Pace with DTE’s tuning is even more powerful and overtakes the BMW X4 35d (313 hp). In order to improve the Jaguar’s performance over the entire rev range, the DTE tuning specialists use different connections and sensors of the engine management. The performance tuning box is connected to all central sensors and is easily installed in the engine compartment. On the road, the F-Pace convinces with a perfect combination of enhanced performance and improved driving dynamics.

PowerControl: Jaguar diesel tuning from DTE Systems

The Diesel engine’s longevity and operational safety are top priorities for DTE Systems. With the latest tuning technology of the DTE chip tuning boxes PowerControl, all protection functions of the modern diesel engines are maintained. Moreover, all legally prescribed emission values remain unaffected - for optimum results at a minimum engine load.

PowerControl for Jaguar F-PacePowerControl for Jaguar F-Pace
PedalBox for Jaguar F-PacePedalBox for Jaguar F-Pace

PedalBox: More driving fun

Whoever wants to experience a Jaguar’s rocket launch, should also install the DTE PedalBox. The accelerator pedal tuning system improves the reaction time and optimizes the responsiveness of the Jaguar. The combination of DTE chip tuning box and DTE accelerator pedal tuning ensure an immediate response and exceptional power delivery: This means an unbeatable driving pleasure for every Jaguar driver.

Chip tuning for Jaguar F-Pace

  Performance 300 hp (+40 hp)
   Torque 700 Nm (+63 Nm)
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