DTE chip tuning for the new Mercedes-Benz S 450 EQ Boost (W222)

DTE chip tuning for the new Mercedes-Benz S 450 EQ Boost

The chip tuning box PowerControl RX by DTE Systems delivers more power and with pedal tuning PedalBox a better acceleration for the latest Mercedes S450 EQ: With increased horsepower and a higher torque the new mild hybrid in the W 222 offers more dynamic and masterful road sovereignty.

Mercedes S 450 EQ 3-litre-mild-hybridMercedes S 450 EQ 3-litre-mild-hybrid

Configure your Mercedes S 450 EQ chip tuning now:

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DTE Chiptuning für die neue Motorentechnik bei Mercedes-Benz

On request, the tuning box PowerControl RX can also be controlled via smartphone. The tuning extra power of the DTE chip tuning can be easily switched on or off with the new PowerControl app. In addition, the different tuning programs “Sport”, “Dynamic” and “Efficiency” can also be selected via smartphone. A highlight of the PowerControl app are the performance instruments, which show all relevant data of the engine in real time. At stock performance, the newly developed 3 litre mild hybrid engine in the S-class delivers 367 hp and 500 Nm of torque. A motivation for DTE to provide a proper boost of driving pleasure with the chip tuning box. At the same time a challenging task, as with the 6th generation of the S-class Mercedes-Benz introduces modern electro technology and additionally 22 hp with the “EQ Boost”. And here the work of PowerControl RX begins: With its Multi-Protocol technology, the DTE chip tuning box captures all relevant engine parameters. Based on engine load, all parameters are precisely optimized and passed on to the engine management in real time. As a result, the Mercedes S450 EQ benefits from an increased power of +40 hp as well as an increase in torque of +53 Nm. On the highway, the W 222 now excites with more dynamic traction and significantly enhanced agility.

Mercedes S 450 EQ on DTE's test benchMercedes S 450 EQ on DTE's test bench
Mercedes S 450 EQ with PowerConrolMercedes S 450 EQ with PowerConrol

PedalBox makes the perfect match

With the PedalBox the characteristics of the accelerator pedal can be easily fine-tuned. The DTE accelerator-tuning gives the “Stuttgarter” a serious sporting ambition. Already in driving mode “City ” the Mercedes S 450 EQ responds without delay to the driver's commands on the throttle. The new PedalBox Pro can also be controlled via smartphone. The accelerator pedal tuning can be easily switched on or off with the PedalBox app. Furthermore, each individual program preset can be customized in the app. The accelerator tuning is the perfect match for the chiptuning box. Both tuning systems from DTE can be controlled via a smartphone app.

  Performance (+40 PS)
  Torque (+53 Nm)
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