Ford Fiest chip tuning - Increase the performance

Driving fun with chip tuning in the Ford Fiesta

With the new chip tuning from DTE, you can increase the performance of your Ford Fiesta enormously. With the PowerControl chip tuning and the innovative PedalBox, every car journey will be a pleasant experience. To bring the various engines of the Ford Fiesta to maximum performance, DTE Systems advanced engine optimization provide the extra power in performance: DTE's tuning systems enable increased performance and immediate throttle response. The Ford Fiesta VI Van thus receives +22 hp with +50 Nm more. The performance upgrade PowerControl X and the throttle response controller PedalBox form the perfect duo for all Ford models and offer full control over the various performance ranges of your vehicle. Thanks to a smartphone app, you can easily operate the engine tuning system and adjust it in real-time.

Configure your Ford Fiesta chip tuning:

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Chip tuning Ford Fiesta: Noticeably more power

PowerControl X from DTE optimizes all signals from the engine management and matches the control parameters and direct injection in the best possible way. This not only gives your Ford Fiesta even more power when driving but can also save up to 15% fuel. In addition, you can always keep an eye on the important parameters of the performance ranges and adjust them to each other. The chip tuning system can be installed in the engine compartment in no time at all and can be used immediately. PowerControl X from DTE also includes a comprehensive warranty.

PowerControl X –  performance in the Ford Fiesta via smartphone

Control the PowerControl X performance enhancement simply via your smartphone, completely relaxed from the cockpit. With the app from DTE Systems, you retain complete control over the various programs at all times and can adjust them to your personal driving style before every journey. In this way, you can achieve a significant increase in power, but also reduce consumption by up to 15 % with an adapted driving style. The app is very easy to operate via touchscreen: With a swipe across the mobile phone display, you can switch instantly between Sport, Dynamic or Efficiency programs. You can activate or deactivate the additional power of PowerControl X as required. You can view all of your vehicle's performance data directly via the smartphone app.

PedalBox for Ford Fiesta – dynamic acceleration

Be more dynamic on the road with the Ford Fiesta and the PedalBox from DTE Systems. Thanks to the improved throttle response, you are now even faster when starting up hills or accelerating on the highway. The smart throttle tuning pulls the vehicle forward with momentum for an even more dynamic start or overtaking. The tuning is connected to the accelerator pedal in just three steps and is immediately ready for use. You can switch between the different programs to adjust the response behavior to your personal needs. With the PedalBox, choose between the Sport, Sport-Plus or City program and benefit from pure driving pleasure through modern throttle tuning. You can fine-tune the PedalBox again using the plus and minus buttons.

Power duo from DTE: Ford Fiesta with more power

PowerControl X and the PedalBox combine two powerful tuning systems that make driving even more enjoyable: No more thinking seconds when starting or accelerating in between. The tuning systems provide a significant increase in performance and improve the reaction time of the throttle. Experience your Ford Fiesta in a new way, whether on the highway, on long-distance journeys or on holiday trips. Configure your tuning system now.
Tuning with quality promise and guarantee
Tuning with quality promise and guarantee

Operational safety is the top priority for DTE tuning products. With the latest technology of all additional control devices, all protective functions of the motors are retained and the legally prescribed emission values are not affected. To increase performance, all new DTE developments and products are checked using different test vehicles and in accordance with standard test methods on the in-house MAHA dynamometer. DTE Systems also offers a satisfaction guarantee and comprehensive 2 years product warranty which can be increased to an optional 5 years product warranty for all your Ford Fiesta tuning purchases. Further information on the warranty certificate is enclosed with the product.

Small car with a lot of safety and home comfort

The Ford Fiesta is a global classic among small cars. The 8th generation presents itself with many new technological features and improved interior comfort. In terms of drive, there is a choice between an EcoBoost hybrid petrol engine or an EcoBoost petrol engine with turbocharging. In addition, for the small car, a variety of different equipment variants are available such as the dynamic Ford Fiesta Active or sporty Ford Fiesta ST-Line. The sports variant with a 1.5-liter Ecoboost petrol engine comes to 6.5 seconds from 0 -100 km / h and brings an output of 200 hp at 290 Nm. The two-tone exterior paint with a metallic look sets exclusive accents both outside and inside. A creative interior is designed to provide more comfort and individuality. The overall design is underlined by the ambient lighting, which brings a homely atmosphere and more comfort at night to the small car. In addition, the Ford Fiesta is equipped with heated seats, a heated steering wheel and a heated windshield, so that even on cold days the maximum comfort is provided. With a speed and distance control system, parking assist, early warning system, controlled braking system and intelligent safety system with numerous airbags, Ford Fiesta offers optimal protection on the road for all vehicle occupants. In addition to technologically advanced safety, the Ford Fiesta is also equipped with other technical features such as a key-free system. With the help of this system, the vehicle can be opened and locked without a key as long as the vehicle key is in the driver's possession. This allows relaxed loading and unloading of the boot.

DTE's Ford engine tuning is available for the following models:

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