Ford Focus - chip tuning for more performance

More power in the Ford Focus with chip tuning

Whether the Focus compact by generous storage space or more power to the forward thrust possesses: The Ford Focus points by security and its versatility in the road traffic. With the smallest engine variant, the compact offers 85 HP with the strongest 2.3 liter variant it already lies in the sporty level of 280 HP. Through advanced technology, all Ford Focus engines can be optimized: DTE's auxiliary control units enable higher performance and faster throttle response. With the premium PowerControl RX module, for example, the Focus III 2.3 gets a huge upgrade of +67 hp at +101 Nm for more power and performance. In addition, the compact shows significantly improved acceleration at higher speeds. With a very good 1.8 s faster at 100-150 km/h (5th gear), the Focus pulls away in no time, even at high revs. The PowerControl X performance upgrade and the PedalBox form the perfect duo here, offering full control over the various performance ranges of your vehicle. Thanks to a smartphone app, you can operate the engine tuning system in a simple way and adjust it immediately.

Configure your Ford Focus chip tuning now:

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Focus chip tuning: The perfect tuning box for more hp

PowerControl X from DTE optimizes all signals from the engine management and matches the control parameters and direct injection in the best possible way. This not only gives your Ford Focus even more power when driving, but can also save up to 15% fuel. In addition, you can always keep an eye on the important parameters of the performance ranges and adjust them to each other. The chip tuning system can be installed in the engine compartment in no time and can be used immediately. PowerControl X from DTE also includes a comprehensive 3-year engine warranty.

PowerControl X – performance in the Ford Focus via smartphone

The PowerControl X tuning box can be controlled simply via your smartphone - from the comfort of your cockpit. With the app from DTE Systems, you retain complete control over the programs at all times and can adjust them to your personal driving style before every journey. Acceleration at high speeds allows you to overtake on the highway and country roads without any problems. Operating the app is very easy via touchscreen: With a swipe across the phone's display, you can instantly switch between Sport, Dynamic, or Efficiency programs. You can activate or deactivate the additional power of PowerControl X as required. You can view all of your vehicle's performance data directly via the smartphone app for safe driving.

PedalBox in Focus - optimize the response behaviour

Perfect start with the power feeling for the Focus: thanks to the PedalBox from DTE Systems. Improved throttle response means you'll never wait for start-up or intermediate acceleration again. The smart gas pedal tuning pulls the compact forward with momentum for a dynamic start and overtaking. Thanks to the simple plug-and-play system, the PedalBox is connected to the accelerator pedal in just three steps and ready to go. To set the response completely personal, you can choose between the different Sport, Sport-Plus or City program. Using the plus and minus buttons, you can fine-tune the PedalBox once again.

The strong power duo for the Ford Focus

PowerControl X and the PedalBox combine to form a powerful tuning duo for even faster acceleration: No long thinking seconds when starting off or intermediate acceleration. The tuning systems provide more power in the lower rev range and improve the response time of the accelerator pedal of your Focus. This gives your Focus even more power for excursions, highway and long-distance driving. Configure your tuning system now.
Tuning with quality promise and warranty from the test winner
Tuning with quality promise and guarantee

Operational safety is the top priority for DTE tuning products. With the latest technology of all additional control devices, all protective functions of the motors are retained and the legally prescribed emission values are not affected. To increase performance, all new DTE developments and products are checked using different test vehicles and in accordance with standard test methods on the in-house MAHA dynamometer. DTE Systems also offers a satisfaction guarantee and comprehensive 2 years product warranty, which can be increased to an optional 5 years product warranty for all your Ford Focus tuning purchases. Further information on the warranty certificate is enclosed with the product.

280 hp for the Ford Focus

On the exterior, the radiator grille in a honeycomb pattern and the flattened bonnet of the Ford Focus also ensure a slim and sporty design. Overall, the 4th generation Ford has a size of 4.693 meters in length, 1.844 metres in width and 1.504 metres in height. A little bigger than its predecessor, but still almost 200 kg lighter at 1585 kg. The Ford Focus 2.3 EcoBoost ST achieves the highest engine output with an in-line four-cylinder petrol engine. The station wagon produces a whopping 280 hp at 420 Nm and accelerates from 0 - 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. As a diesel engine, the Ford Focus 2.0 EcoBlue ST is the top performer with an in-line four-cylinder diesel engine, 190 hp at 400 Nm and 7.6 seconds from 0 - 100 km/h. From 2020, the Ford Focus 1.0-litre Ecoboost petrol engine will also be available as a mild hybrid with a 48-volt electrical system, producing 155 hp at 235 Nm. In addition to the wide engine range, the Ford Focus offers ample space for trips and shopping with a boot capacity of 608 liters. The estate is also equipped with the latest infotainment system, which allows navigation control via smartphone.

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